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The children sit in a circle, everybody have the hands behind the back. The leader goes around and puts an object in each one's hand. Try to have ha different items for each child.
The children will then one by one try to tell how the object feels that he / she has in the hand. The group will try to guess what it is. When someone guesses right the child show the object.


Simon Says.

Simon says is a game in which you obey an order only when it begins with "Simon Says"

1.  Stand or sit in a circle

2.  One child is chosen to be Simon

3.  Simon then orders all sorts of different things to be done the funnier the better, which must be obeyed only when the order begins with Simon says. For instance Simon says thumbs up which of course all obey, then thumbs down which should not be obeyed, because the order did not begin with Simon says.

4.  When someone follows and order that not start with Simon says, he/she is out of the game.

5.  Repeat these instructions until only one person is left.


The dog and the bone.

Chose something that can be the bone
The children sits in a circle.

A dog will be selected and shall sleep in the circle. The play leader is hiding the bone behind someone's back, then sneaks back to his place in the circle, after which everyone puts their hands behind their backs.
- Chant: All the hands behind the back now the dog can wake up.
Let the dog find the bone by barking at each child that then show up their hands. The child who has the bone gives it to the dog and the child that had the bone become the dog.


Kims Play.

Five to ten objects is put on a tray the children sit in a circle and look on the objects for a little while, then they together tell the names of the items. The teacher covers the objects and the tray with a cloth and the children close their eyes the teacher take one object away. The children open their eyes and try to see what object that is missing. This game you can also do outdoors with nature objects.