PlayTime.seychelles is a national non-governmental organization, located on Mahe. Promoting the Child’s Right to Play as a human right. ~Article 31 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child

The primary objective of Playtime. Seychelles is to assist in improving the well-being of all small (aged 0-8 years) children of Seychelles through: Promote and protect plays value. Advocate the importance of play for the development, learning and wellbeing of children.

Promote safe play environments.

We focus on the children in ECCE

We believe that play ensures the maximum potential development of every child and that play stimulates creativity, fantasy and is important to the emotional, cognitive and physical development of the whole child.

PlayTime is a member of IPA /International Play Association


Playtime Seychelles Comittee

Chairperson Gunilla Holmberg

Treasurer Michelle Fock-Yune

Secretary Daniel Seraphine

Boardmember Dorothy Vital

Boardmember Anthony Costa

Boardmember Noreen Sinon



Playtime Seychelles

P.O Box 159




Tel. 248 4267064  248 2740122

Email. playtime,seychelles@gmail.com